Annekee Groenewoud knows what she wants. And more importantly: knows what she's talking about. When she gets her hands on a real estate case, she goes over every inch. Looking for an opening. An opening that can make or break a case. Sometimes an inch is all it takes. She is driven to resolve any dispute between parties, and will take on any discussion and any conflict head-on to get there. If that means being between a rock and a hard place, so be it. Annekee takes charge. Annekee calls the shots. And does so from the first baby steps to - if need be - the bitter end.

Short resume A. Groenewoud

Annekee Groenewoud has been practising law since 1988, and came to Van Iersel Luchtman Advocaten from Rassers Advocaten & Civil-Law Notaries in 2003.

Property issues of all kinds are her home turf, and she handles cases in administrative law, spatial planning, environmental law and tenancy law.

As a real estate law specialist, Annekee knows all the ins and outs of commercial properties, from start phase to commercial operations. She evaluates and edits tenancy contracts for commercial properties. She advises and supports a range of retail businesses, including a number of major retail chains, in the management of their property portfolios. As part of this, she frequently litigates on their behalf on lease terminations, rent price determinations, and the like.

Annekee also has an extensive background in and knowledge of administrative law. She is an expert at walking a business through the complexities of planning, legislation and regulations. Whether it is permit applications, objection and appeal proceedings, enforcement problems, administrative coercion or invironmental issues, Annekee is the go-to specialist.

Annekee is a member of the specialist association Vereniging van Huurrecht Advocaten (VHA), the Association of Tenancy Law Attorneys and also member of the Board of Discipline.

As a member of the editorial board of legal journal Advocatenblad, she frequently publishes on a range of issues in advocacy.

Annekee has completed the Grotius specialisation in General Administrative Law.



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