Bart Louwerier never keeps what he really thinks to himself. Everything he says, and does, is above board. And he takes on the sacred cows head-on. He goes into any discussion resolute and critical -- but never uncompromising.

Because Bart also looks for the things that the parties have in common. The things that they do agree on. So they can go from there to the solutions for the things that they do not agree on. With the best interests of the business at centre stage. Problems are there to be solved. Businesspeople should be doing business. Sometimes they just need a push in the right direction. 

Short resume B.F. Louwerier

Bart Louwerier has been practising law since 1999, and has been with Van Iersel Luchtman Advocaten his entire career.

As a specialist in insolvency law, he is used to sitting at all sides of the table. He is not just active as a receiver in bankruptcies, but also supports executives in questions of officicers' and directors' liability, and assists both banks and businesses in the settlement of claims and securities. All this means that he tends to deal with companies in dire straits.

In the area of company law, Bart is primarily involved in intra-company dispute resolution (also referred to as corporate litigation), and to a lesser extent, liability of executives and supervisory directors.

Bart is a member of Insolad and the Vereniging Corporate Litigation (Corporate Litigation Association), among other organisations. Additionally, he is active within the Netherlands Bar Association as a member of the Board of Representatives.

Bart completed the Grotius/Insolad specialisation in Insolvency Law with first-class honours along with the Financial Economics for Receivers programme at Erasmus University Rotterdam and the Grotius Corporate Litigation specialisation.


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Wilhelminapark 15, 4818 SL Breda
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