Floortje van Tilburg developed into a talented researcher after completing her degree at Tilburg University. But in the end she chose practice over theory. It turns out that both the mind and the heart are key factors that must be taken into account in the quest for realistic answers and pragmatic solutions. This is because the world is anything but black and white. Floortje, as colourful as she is, understands this better than anyone. Without allowing herself to be drawn into side issues, she is able to distinguish between reason and emotion with expert precision. In her recommendations she will, whenever possible, give you room to make choices. With both the mind and heart. But she will not lose sight of your interests for a second and will play hardball when necessary. Because Floortje naturally takes a strong stand if needed.

Short resume F.A. Van Tilburg

Floortje van Tilburg has been an attorney with Van Iersel Luchtman Advocaten since 2012.

She previously worked as a lecturer and researcher in the private law department of Tilburg University. Floortje earned her PhD in government liability, specialising in unlawful government acts from the same university in November 2012. Her thesis entitled “Effecten van civielrechtelijke aansprakelijkheid op openbare-ordebeleid” (Effects of Civil Law Liability on Public Order Policy) was published by the Dutch publishing house Kluwer in the Recht & Praktijk (Justice & Practice) series.

Floortje’s responsibilities include advising and litigating in different areas of contractual and non-contractual liability law. She acts in this capacity on behalf of both companies and government agencies. Floortje advises businesses and other parties on covering liability risks in contracts and general terms and conditions.

In addition to advising and litigating in liability law, Floortje focuses primarily on insolvency law. Working in the bankruptcy field, she deals with both property law and contract law issues. Floortje also serves as an attorney for receivers in various proceedings, advises companies that are in financial difficulties and assists creditors affected by bankruptcy.

Floortje is Vice Presedent of the Association of Young Insolvency Lawyers (JIRA) and a member of the Association of Civil Law. In addition she is connected to the Tilburg Institute for Private Law at Tilburg University as a research fellow. She also regularly publishes articles in periodicals including Juridisch up to Date and is a guest lecturer at Tilburg University and other educational institutions.

Contact F.A. Van Tilburg

Wilhelminapark 15, 4818 SL Breda
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P.O. Box 4810, 4803 EV Breda

Telephone +31 (0)88 908 08 00, fax +31(0)88 908 06 00