Frank Smetsers is a fan of the fine print. For Frank, the best things in life are the little things. The details. And the art of not getting lost in them. Picking up the pace where necessary. Bold action, but thorough consideration. Pragmatic, but knowing the system. Promises are made to be kept. And to do that, Frank needs to know everything. Down to the details. Delivering the right custom work is his trademark. Work in which the human side of the case is written large. Tailor made work is, after all, people work. It has to fit. The company, the business person, the human being.

Short resume F.F.A. Smetsers

Frank Smetsers has been practicing law since 2003, and came to Van Iersel Luchtman Advocaten in 2006 after working at Banning Advocaten.

As a company law attorney, Frank's areas of expertise are support in acquisitions and restructuring, as part of which he advises companies on the various options and constructions available. He evaluates or edits the contract documents required, and is a critical and resolute partner in the negotiations that follow.

Frank has also pursued a specialisation in insolvency law from the start of his career. He not only frequently serves as receiver in bankruptcies, but is high in demand as an advisor of companies in financial difficulties. He also supports creditors and executive officers involved in bankruptcies.

In addition, Frank is also a member of Insolad, the Dutch Professional Association of Insolvency Attorneys, Insol Europe, and Insol International. His other affiliations include a membership in Maatschappij en Jong Management and a position as secretary of the Young Managers' Association for West Brabant. He successfully completed the Insolad/Grotius specialisation in Insolvency Law and the specialisation in Financial Economics for Insolvency Attorneys at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

He has also published a variety of articles and is a staff editor at the Juridisch up to Date legal journal, specialising in Property and Bankruptcy Law.



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