Claire Krüger likes to keep her eyes on the road ahead, but is also keenly aware that there’s a great deal to be learned from the past – even if it’s only to prevent history from repeating itself. Looking into the past helps her to improve her understanding of the issues at hand and place them in the right perspective. She is especially driven to find out exactly what motivated past decisions. And she wants to take this further than just the knowledge of why and how people made the decisions they did regarding specific business issues: she also wants to get to the bottom of who or what really influenced the decision-making process. Having this type of in-depth knowledge enables you to prevent the same mistakes from being repeated and helps to predict outcomes with a greater degree of reliability.

Her extensive experience in this area and her professional outlook serve her well in resolving – and sometimes even pre-empting – conflicts. Claire knows all too well that every conflict comes with its own backstory, and it is this part of her work that really fascinates her. It is for this reason that she makes a point of always getting to know you first, so that she has an in-depth understanding of the situation by the time she starts working on your case.

Short resume C.A.G. Krüger

Claire Krüger has been an attorney with Van Iersel Luchtman Advocaten since 2015.

Claire started her career within the judiciary, more specifically the civil sector of the court. After gaining more than three years’ experience within the judiciary, she began practicing law in 2012. Claire has mainly concentrated on insolvency law since the start of her career.

Claire works very closely with receivers in bankruptcies, as well as acting as an advisor in bankruptcy cases. She assists employers, creditors, and landlords and litigates and gives advice relating to bankruptcy-related matters. Clients can also turn to Claire for assistance with cases involving directors’ and officers’ liability and/or alleged fraudulent conveyance.

Claire is a member of the Association of Young Insolvency Lawyers (VJAA). 

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Wilhelminapark 15, 4818 SL Breda
Correspondence address:
P.O. Box 4810, 4803 EV Breda

Telephone +31 (0)88 908 08 00, fax +31(0)88 908 06 00