Competition and Procurement Law

Governments are increasingly making your business their business. You are required to comply with the rules of the free market at the European and national levels, with the government supervising mergers and acquisitions and ensuring that businesses do not enter into deals with each other that would undermine competition in an unacceptable way. There are special watchdogs in place for this purpose. Other marktets - including the financial, energy, telecoms and healthcare industries - are specifically regulated by the government in order to protect users and consumers. Tender processes exist to ensure that tenderers stand a fair chance of winning government and semi-government contracts. Governement aid measures, for their part, must ensure that the government does not use unlawful methods to support companies.

Van Iersel Luchtman Advocaten advises businesses and government agencies on all aspects related to domestic and European competition law, tenders and regulated markets. If your business is confronted with investigations, fines or other disciplinary measures imposed by regulators, including the European Commission, the Dutch Central Bank, the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM), the Dutch Healthcare Authority, the Authority for Consumers & Markets (which combines the former Independant Post and Telecommunications Authority (OPTA), the Dutch Competition Authority and the Consumer Authority), we will ensure your interests aresecured. Our competition and procurement law specialists often work closely with their peer experts in economic administrative law and criminal law.

Van Iersel Luchtman Advocaten specialists in Competition & Procurement Law provide expertise in the following areas: