The RETAIL sector faces many challenges. Brick-and-mortar shops are feeling the pressure of the transition from offline to online sales. Online competition is on the increase. Profit margins are being squeezed and the consumer is becoming increasingly capricious. Retail organisations shift their focus, using a variety of channels to bring the consumer into contact with their products and services. The aim is to increase sales, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

The RETAIL sector team at Van Iersel Luchtman Attorneys can help you realise your business ambitions in this sector. Practical experience shows that this can be a hard slog. This is why leading retail organisations know where to find our team of specialists. Our experts know the world of e-commerce like no one else and can help with questions such as how to set up your web shop. But they can also offer invaluable assistance on issues including the privacy aspect of your loyalty system, the tightening up of contracts with suppliers, your role as an employer, the expansion or reduction of your shop locations and the protection of your formula. Our sector team is familiar with the challenges you face and is the business partner equipped to find the right solutions to them. Our approach is expert yet practical. We supply advice and where necessary proceed to litigation.

The RETAIL sector team comprises:

   >  Claire Krüger
   >  Maral van Brandwijk
   >  Robbert Roeffen